• Ever Evolving has an application process. We ask parents to complete an application form, with as much detail as possible to ensure our provision is the most appropriate provision to meet the service users needs.
• Once we receive an application form, we review this against our criteria for place. This will include, meeting service users needs and interests, suitability of activities and suitability of the building.
• After the review we will offer a visit to parents and carers to discuss suitability. If parents deem the provision unsuitable, we will not be able to offer a place. We will make reasonable adjustments if and where possible.

• After the visit we will assess and review the service users needs and allocate/ not allocate a place. We will inform parents/ carers of the decision via email.

• If a place is given service users will be asked to attend a short visit (2 hours).The visit will be discussed with the parents and carers. Further transition visits will take place (number dependant on service learner needs) A start date will then be provided. Parents and carers will then need to complete medical paperwork and sign a contract to agree with the terms and conditions of Ever Evolving.


We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves.

See our life in pictures.


Marie's Journey

Here is a snap in time. This is an image of Marie and her friend in primary school in the early 90s. Marie's school buddy had additional needs. Her primary school linked up with Ashtons Green School and created weekly visits to participate with their buddies. If a picture was worth 1000 words, it would show Marie has always helped others and made sure she could give to everyone.


We have been advised to calculate monthly cost per calendar month. This figure will be a set figure that is paid into the Ever-evolving account each month. The figure will not change this year and will be reviewed in December 2022.